Redesign Kalender Indonesia

Kalender Indonesia

Duration: 2 Days

Summary: Kalender is a Calendar especially for Indonesian. There is certain information such as traditional date name, Javanese date, and Indonesian Holiday. This app has more than 1 Million download users. It also has a good rating by average 4.4

My Role: As a Product Designer

Method: User & Market Research, Wireframing, High Fidelity Design, Usability Test

Tools: Pen, Paper, Sketch App

Why I choose this App to redesign?

  • This App in unique. It has a different value proposition for the users / Indonesian than another calendar app on Google Play Store. 
  • August mean Indonesian Independence Day. So, I wanna do something that related to Indonesian society. 
  • There are reviews that tell they need something but the app developer doesn’t hear it yet. This will be my challenge to redesign it.

The Problem

The app is doing well so far. Users download this app and then they satisfied to use this app on their everyday life.

The design is clear and has a characteristic of Indonesian Printed Calendar, That’s why user feels comfortable when using it.

Indonesian Calendar look’s like this

Unfortunately, time flies. The user has more thing expected from this app to help them more. They tell it on Google Play Reviews. But, I see the developer of this app didn’t hear it yet.

I assume that developer has no idea about the design nor they busy on another thing.

In here, I’m trying to redesign the app as a challenge UX Case Study.

Understanding the User Needs

The first research method that I did on this case study is based on the reviews on Google Play Store. I believe the reviews is the actual data from the real user who use this app in while.

Then, the second one I conduct user interview with my friend to gather the insight and feedback.

Furthermore, I use this app on several days to feel the personal experience.

Google Plays Reviews

I think it at least says the overall of users. I sort the reviews for the newest because I wanna know the feedback as valid as possible.

Overall says it is good.

But I looking for the other needs of the users.

If you Indonesian, I guess you would get that something that user needs because of the reviews of the app on Bahasa Indonesia.

The reviews are like this on averages

It would be great if I could add personal notes on this calendar

This app helps me a lot. But, I need to add reminder/notes to certain dates. Can it?

From those feedbacks, I could know that user really needs notes feature.

User Interview

After I do research on Google Play Reviews, I conduct an interview with my friend to ask their behavior when using a calendar app.

My goals it gain new insight from him about calendar app.

Some Question that I asked when interviewed are:

  • What is calendar in your perspective?
  • Could you share with me, when the last day you use the calendar app?
  • May I see how you using your calendar app?
  • Could tell me your favorite calendar app, and tell me too why?
  • Etc

From that interview, I’ve got some new insight for possible feature that I could add in my re-design calendar app.

  1. user needs a reminder, note to a certain date. It’s like a thing user review on Google Play.
  2. User need goes to a certain date through the easiest way. In the interview case, the user wants to go a long time in the past such as the birthdate. He won’t click many back months button until 1989.
  3. User needs a calendar widget as a shortcut to know what date is.

Okay, I have the user needs. Then What?

Narrow Scope

Whether I design this calendar directly full features, I prefer to design the main feature of this calendar so I could focus on to solve the main problem.

Then, I could test on the real user and gain feedback. It make me design, validate, learn, with user.

To narrow the scope in the first, so I could test faster to real user.

This is the requirements that I design for,

Indonesian Calendar with adding personal notes and go to date features.


On the ideation phase, I would like to rapid ideate or sketch some of the solution.

Before ideate further, Let’s look again for the current design to do a feature analysis

Next, I wanna pick some of the references to do a Moodboard Inspiration. I looking for inspiration on Dribble, Behance, and Pinterest.

I also did a benchmarking with other calendar apps on Google Play such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Calendar, and native calendar on my smartphone. (Oppo Calendar and Xiaomi Calendar)


Yes, Wireframing or Sketch the User Interface could help me to rapid design and improved the design quickly.

My goals when wireframing to knowing the layout and flow of the app. For this case, I’ve got the idea how the looks like, and I want to go to High Fidelity Design directly.

High Fidelity Design

Okay, it’s time to design this app.

The first high fidelity design

From the design user still familiar with the calendar design. It because I still bring the characteristic of Indonesian Calendar.

I’ve add these features to Calendar such as:

  • Go to Date(Ke Tanggal): So the user will easily if want to go back a long date.
  • Today (Hari ini): It will help user easily go to the current date after seeing another date / month / years
  • Add notes (Tambah Catatan): The main features so a user will easily add notes and a reminder about their activity using this app.

Okay, it’s time to test to user to gain feedback.

Usability Test

From the first high fidelity design, I conduct fast usability testing with my coworkers.

This is the result:


  • Overall task is done, such as add notes, go to a certain date, and back to the current date


  • He didn’t realize that can swipe to move another month. When I show it, He agrees that swipe is a nice interaction to move another month. The challenge of how to make the interaction speak it self.

Learn from User

From the usability testing, I learn how to improve the design it better.

The first thing that I want to improve is the swipe trigger. My goal is the user easily understand that they can move to the another month using swipe interaction.

The second one is design is classic white. I want to make it more modern design.

High Fidelity Design V2

Update Feb 2019

I’ve got feedback from my friends that the font size on that design is a little bit small, and it will be hard for user to read it.

Then, my decision to use the red colour as a primary and background is so strange and hurt to eye.

So, I decide to redesign the High Fidelity Design V2.

What’s Next

Next, I will mention this design and share it with the developer. The final goals, it would be great if the app developer does do execution for this redesign. Or can discuss with me if there be some technical challenges

Skill & Lesson Learned:
  • This is my first time writing a UX Case Study, it really challenging
  • UX is about the process when designing something
  • The importance to focus on solve the main problem when the first time designing an app.
  • Iteration. Iteration. Iteration. This Case Study has improved is many time.