Quick notes: First Day, I Joined Financial Revolution by Tung Desem Waringin.

Surabaya, 11 Aug 2017. Hotel Tunjungan Surabaya. This seminar & workshop is the most expensive that I joined (so far – About 5 Million). However, I believe the investigation is worth it when I see what I learned so far and what people that know me(Say: Network).

Speakers :

  • Tung Desem Waringin (Trainer #1 Indonesia by Marketing Magazines).
  • Ongky Hajanto (NLP & Communication Coach)
  • Andreas Bordes (Productivity Master)

How the ways an entrepreneur learns fast from Great Ones.

  1. Imitate. The first one is how he learns from other people who have more success than him. Then, he would learn from their mistakes.
  2. Found the great people( The 1 %. You can meet up with them in the places that them exists. Ex: Business Class Airplane, Business Class Train, Expensive workshop, training, Business Matching, etc.
  3. Becomes a friend for great ones. It’s important to build your environment with the successful ones.
  4. It will be very grateful if you would partner with great ones.
  5. How about employing them. Hire the best people in a certain field that you need and keep them becomes assets.

How to communicate with the wealthy ones?

  1. Give what their needs.
  2. Treat them first.

5 Things to growth you’re wealthy.

  1. Assets allocation.
  2. Multiples stream of income.
  3. Generate Passive income.
  4. Health Insurance.
  5. Open mind. Take cation.

How to get Financial Revolution

    1. Change the belief system and success blueprint.
    2. Change thoughts and emotions.
    3. Change the decision.
    4. Change act.
    5. Change result.


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