Growth means Stress

In this short article, I just wanna share something that I felt and you have to know if you want to grow.

Someone in youtube says that Growth means Stress.

I absolutely agree then.

Growth in your knowledge, skills, careers, business, incomes, and more.

The reality is… if you want to grow on one of those things, you have to commit to doing something might be it more than the previous time or the other people.

Then, you’ll feel stress.

You feel stressed because you take more responsibility and more thing that you have to do,

It’s a common thing if someone wants to make his muscle big, he must be ready to feel tired of training and commitment.

In this 2019, I feel like really stress, but one thing that I believe is I will grow. So, I’ll embrace this situation and enjoy the new challenge for this year.

By Iosi Pratama

Hi, I'm Iosi. I do design digital products. Other than that, I'd love doing photography. writing, and doing sports. Let's be my friend. Grab me on Twitter @iosipratama

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