My Testimonial study at IDF – Interaction Design Foundation

I could learn UX Design from any source on the internet. Articles, Blog Post, Youtube, or Online Course.

When I talk about Online, I love study UX Design at Interaction Design Foundation.

Here’s why

I’m new in UX Design field. I’ve learn from Coursera, Lynda, etc.

But, I’ve found some problem.

The example, When I learn UX Design in lynda, I feel not comfortable

Because it just video. And too many things courtesy / chit chat. I mean why it’s not the point. To the something that I really want to learn.

I often feel don’t focused when learn it. I skip the video, and then close it.

I still find my learning style when learn UX Design that I enjoy.

The other hand, IDF so far is nice experience. The first thing, it is about timeless knowledge concept. I believe this one is something that I really need.

The second thing, Quiz, Score made me give fully attention to learning material so I could answer in the end of lesson.

Also, I find out that lesson is so engaging.

All of that, I thing IDF’s really crafted what user really needs.

By Iosi Pratama

Hi, I'm Iosi. I do design digital products. Other than that, I'd love doing photography. writing, and doing sports. Let's be my friend. Grab me on Twitter @iosipratama

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