Hi, I’m Iosi. Welcome to My Personal Journal. My pleasure you come here to know more about this site. This is the place where I can share my thoughts and perspectives about life freely. I’ve been writing this blog since 2015.

Writing has helped me in many ways to improve myself to be a better version of myself. Writing is my friend when I have a problem, confused, sad or even when I questioned something but I don’t know where I can express it.

I write in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. However, it seems the majority in Bahasa.

You can read my latest writing through the homepage or you can find all my writings here.

Outside of this blog. I also write on another platform.

I write on Medium about Digital Product Design stuff.

I also write a short version of my article on Telegram Channel. I called it Rombak Pola Pikir. Subscribe here.

Sometimes I also ask and answer questions on Quora.

Yup, That’s all. Let’s be a friend. Find me on Twitter or other social media.

Thank you,
Iosi Pratama